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    November 13, 2013 12:43 AM MST

    America’s Coast to Coast Entertainment Network



    Dear Independent Artists and Friends;


    We hope you may have been aware of a few of the exciting changes going on at America’s Coast to Coast Entertainment Network, JST KLSX and -


    As you also may have been aware; we suffered a catastrophic loss of our automation and computer network system in mid June 2013, after more than a few years of working toward our format "Music for the Ages."


    We have invested in the computer repairs and have added the new Social Engine in where our new platform will carry the signal and all of the elements containing tabs for events, forum, groups, chat rooms, albums, blogs, Independent Artist Page/Groups, Forum, Members, Videos which will create that society who are looking for an outlet to talk, listen and be a part of a growing community of fans who enjoy the varying genres of music, information and entertainment.


    We believe people are willing to join us, and (hope you will join us too) the fans of music will turn this community into something wonderfully exciting and interactive.


    In repairing the computer system, we are having to reload all of our music libraries, jingles, promos and other elements so we  can be back on the air broadcasting.  Of course in doing so, we are having to re-produce certain elements ... so we are taking things one step at a time.


    We will once again have our Saturday Night at the Oldies and Juke Box Sunday Night  with the 24 hour / 7 day a week signal, encouraging live interaction with listeners that will tie in with our chat rooms, which is also is now a part of the new platform.


    As you know we have prided ourselves on promoting you, the “Independent Artist” and have often built shows around 'Those Artists' trying to make a difference, as we play 'You' in our play list on a regular basis.


    We know that at least 1/ - 2 - 5ths of our daily lists consist of 'Independent Artists.'  We don’t think any terrestrial station or internet station can that claim. We enjoy blending the old with the new, the classic with the soon to be classic.  It is in this regard that we are asking for a commitment from each of you also. 


    In the NEW CULTURAL MAINSTREAM the Independent Artists' do not have a chance to collect any Royalties from 'Their' music from ASCAP/BMI - SOUND EXCHANGE, but because America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network is required to pay 'Fees' each month, it will now give you as the 'Independent Artist' more power to collect a Royalty from the companies because our network will be playing that music, justifying an artist to make claims against those companies.


    We are hoping you will donate $25.00 per year as a membership to  This donation will help us offset the fees from ASCAP/BMI and SOUND EXHANGE.  Being an 'Independent Station' ourselves, you understand  we also are working to make something special happen and with that donation, it would enable us to move forwards and mean more exposure for your music.


    Please accept our thanks and gratitude in advance, we hope that you will see that between all of us, we can make an amazing change to “Radio” and become the benchmark for what RADIO should be.


    Mason Ramsey

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    November 24, 2013 6:19 PM MST

    Thanks to Rich Spina for allowing us to be a distribution point for his music. Rich is a very talented singer and songwriter, and I am extremely grateful that such a talented performer has become a friend and supporter of JST KLSX, and given me the pleasure in playing his music in our format. His MUSIC fits 'Our' feeling!