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09.29/2015 LADIES and GENTLEMEN and those of you who would like to claim title; I have been working tirelessly and into a frenzy over the anticipation of the future home of America's Cultural Mainstream web platform for nostalgia and a whole new way of looking at the forthcoming future. As it remains, there have been so many ups and downs in 'My' quest that it hardly seems noticeable, until I turn around and look what as transpired. While we continue working to bring LIFE back to an idea, that clings to LIFE, and nearly destroyed either because of 'self doubt' or the fact that most in the world, as it turns are too busy with their own lives to notice. I cannot explain it to those who are only interested in one thing, since this company ideology is more than one thing, and takes more than one to see it through, otherwise ... it remains going at its own pace.> As I have mention previously, we are still using this front page as our main source of contact for while we continuing working on the new wire frame web site. JST KLSX as our radio station and is our core site, while America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network is pulling itself together with the administrative developments. It is moving along, one step at a time ... but, it is moving. We would like to ask that you continue lending us your support and inspiration. We are dedicated to the Information, Education and Entertainment of this company, America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network. Please contact me through this email; ... or call me 720.252.0542 --- we would love to have you join us in our efforts to KEEP this thing Rockin' and Rollin' ... the right way! Hope to hear from you soon. Mason Ramsey

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