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Welcome to RockandRollHeaven!

04.16/2016 Seems like it was only yesterday, but here we are again today. I continue working toward the ideological pathway that continually leads me to believe in the 'World's Best Blend of Music' and a future platform that will undoubtedly be a mainstay for a generation of music lovers around the world.

It remains obvious, this world is changing as rapidly as the Universe is consistently expanding, and at a rate that is unfathomable to most of us.

There remains only this; Most of us 'Do Not Care' and only have 'Our Lives' in mind, which is okay, because it is 'Our World' and will always be the most important guiding factors, regardless of anyone or anything.

When we hold onto our 'Love' and those 'Guiding' factors, the path will open before us, and the music that has reverberated throughout our existence will wash over each of us in a way that will bring those memories to the forefront of our lives.

I do appreciate those of you who take the time in stopping by to check on our progress. Please use this email to contact me, if you are interested in wanting to stay in touch, or to be involved in 'One Way or Another' (Blondie); -

Looking forward in hearing from you. The future, in my mind looks great! Mason.

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