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Welcome to RockandRollHeaven!

11.19.2013 - To our beloved fans of ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN - we thank you so much for your patience in the time it has taken us to work out the problems with our website. Currently you are now able to access the links that were broken on the menu portion of the jukebox at the top. The links currently go to the NEW Social Engine portion of our site, which also remains in development. The music link is currently on its way back, and will also be available very soon, but that remains a problem that we are working to rectify as soon as possible. You can use the 'Chat' by merely signing into the new chat. We are beginning to add other elements and features that will allow us to be the community of music lovers who enjoy getting together with others in listening to the music that 'Was' very fast ... falling by the wayside. Please join our new COMMUNITY by signing up as a new member. August 15, 2013 - While THIS WEBSITE is GOING THROUGH a tremendous amount of technical problems, we are making a bit of progress. It could be as early as next week, when we are able to get the 'Stream' back up and running. However, there's not much that I can do until the 'Pieces' begin falling back into place.
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With your support we will and DO remain strong and continue to grow.



We want to thank you for your patience as we have been revamping More to come ---

Interviews with Mason Ramsey

Muse Music Interview

ROCKANDROLLHEAVEN.NET is an online internet radio station.  It is attempting to sweep the world, by playing the music you never hear on American radio anymore (or seldom hear).  ?The internet radio station Owner, Operator, and Caretaker is Mason Ramsey.  A long time popular commercial radio DJ....

Jacon ElyacharJacob Elyachar - ABC News

Reported on...

WDAF FOX 4 - Kansas City
KMGH ABC 7 - Denver
KUSA NBC 9 - Denver

Jacob Interviews Mason Ramsey of

If someone went to the Rock and Roll Heaven Web site, they would find a world map that shows the current visitors from around the world.  These viewers are listening to Rock and Roll Heaven.... READ THE FULL INTERVIEW

Studio Request Line: 1-888-JST-KLSX  (578-5579)

Player link

Some words from Mason Ramsey

11.19.2013 - thanks to 'tik' who has repaired our links and is working with us to bring about the new community of fans and listeners of ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN --- you can visit with 'tik' on his sites; STAGETRAMP and PMT AUDIO. Our efforts are to return to the 'air' with JST KLSX - "Music for the Ages" that will become the web platform of all web platforms for music, information and entertainment. If you would like to donate to our cause, as it takes financial resources to make these things happen, and we're just like a start up business in need of your support and help to achieve those goals. Thank you. Things are beginning to correct themselves, and it won't be long before we're back up and getting you the music and entertainment that's so important in this emerging NEW CULTURAL Mainstream. We can be the that MAINSTREAM ... and I am looking forward to that happening. Mason Ramsey

August 15, 2013 - We are 'Off the Air' because of several 'Major' Catastrophic computer failures with 'Our' main computers and Encoders which allow us to 'Stream' a signal. It has been unfortunate, but we have been experiencing service intteruptions with not only the Internet provider COMCAST, but with the Streaming provider as well. We do need the financial help ... even it were only a few dollars, from the number of supporters ... because it really would add up, and help move things along a lot easier. You can use the 'Donation' button that will go directly into our Pay Pal Account. Again every contribution received is used to pay for the expenses and services, including the fees and cost associated with bringing you a 'Signal' from our website. Thank You!


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