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Your Support as Not Only a Member but Future Owner!

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    October 11, 2013 1:14 AM MDT

    Help in bringing this' Network' together as the quintessential new 'Cultural Mainstream' when it comes to music and the entertainment and news for the future. We need every bit of your support. Even with that being said; you can help in making this something that you can also be part owner. It will take some time in getting those involved ... but, it can happen ... and I am willing to allow those people who are interested in being a part ..  becoming an integral part of the future. If you can imagine yourself having a stake ... then so much the better. We need people who can make a difference ... while working with Mason Ramsey (known to be a finicky ,,, want it his way, kind of man). Reminder - NOT everyone will be allowed to be a member ... only those who share that same passion and like mindedness for the LOVE of MUSIC and LIFE!

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