• We are working on establishing the SOCIAL Network, and for all of you who are here ... and who enjoy the MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT as much as we do, we would like to invite you to join the NETWORK. Here's the link; - As it stands ... we here at do support the Independent Artist/s and Groups, however ... we ask that you submit any materials to us prior to posting 'Anything' since it may not follow in our 'Format' for "MUSIC for the AGES" nor the ENTERTAINMENT Ideology and Conceptual aims for JST KLSX - - We are looking for active and like minded members, so come join us, since we just began enrolling folks. This is new to us, and with all of the members who are registered here ... it will help us in becoming better suited in becoming the NEW CULTURAL MAINSTREAM which will help ... not only the ICONIC artists/groups from the past, but those of the future. Looking forward in hearing from you. If you can help us ... let us know ... we'd love to see it grow into something wonderfully exciting.