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     You have to ask yourself, "What am I going to do now?"


    There is no doubt that we are fragmented in our lives, given the events that always seemingly befall us daily ... leaving 'Us' to ask that very question, whether we realize it or not; "What am I going to do now?"


    Of course you and I are no different, and it does not make any difference who you are; You and I have asked ourselves that question on more than one occasion daily ... whether 'We' want to realize it or not.


    Believing as do, I know the world around us has affected me tremendously. With the state of the current 'Cultural Mainstream' with such a growing and stark division in the country's population: people are left feeling more and more outraged with one another, primarily because of the political nonsense, that appears to be tearing this country apart from "Sea to Shining Sea." 


    Granted, you and I were not here in the 1800's as far as we know, but the atmosphere would seem to be almost like it could have been preceding the Civil War in 1869.


    While I have expressed my conscious thoughts and ideas over the last seven years, for a business that's been "Bumping its Ass trying to Fly" ... it has been nothing less than a frog croaking in the swamp feeding off the insects. But none the less ... we should realize living in a swamp filled with treacherous creatures can be as profitable ... if of course you're one of the good Ol' boys ('Swamp Men') hunting those precious resources. Turning them into belts, purses, boots, key chains, tender deep fried morsels of delicious bits of country cooking at its finest.


    There's no doubt that I have a strong passion and desires, since I began noticing that I really do love the business that; I am still not sure I've chosen since it has so many different facets to it, although it started out as being 'Radio' ... and now it's become almost impossible to separate them, the 'Facets' from radio itself. It's so hard to concentrate on one thing, namely because; I see them all being interrelated. 'Them' being: the Music, the Movies, the Television, the Advertising, the Marketing, the Concerts, the Vacations, the Traveling, the Food, the Publishing of Books, Articles, Writing but the main component ... the People.


    That kind of thinking in itself is something equally as troubling because it does fall outside of the mainstream of a Corporate world intent of 'Fragmenting' every little piece, that it sorely divides 'It' and 'Us' ... all in the name of a more diverse marketplace in an effort to control 'It' and 'Us' ... for the pleasure of living their lives far above the likes of you and I.


    Why do I make such claims? Because I can do the math, and have been able to see the world, at least from 'My Point of View' and from what I have experienced ... first hand.


    Yes, when I began believing I needed a job that I could not only make a living at, but in having a job I would enjoy doing ... I accepted a position to keep me in the business of radio with a thought that I could excel into a better position on a full time basis. Much like the wants of more than a few of us would like to have I'm sure.


    So back in 2004 when an aging Mason Ramsey (Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person) was hired by the Jones Satellite Radio Network (Now Dial Global) to be a weekend part time on air radio personality for $15.00 fifteen dollars an hour ... I passionately accepted, knowing that although I was only going to be basically doing two five hour shows on the weekend, it would be to an audience of approximately 1.4 million listeners on those 130 affiliate radio stations.


    There was no doubt that I wanted to shine, because my 'Self Expression' gave me the desire to be one of the best. After all ... I was getting the chance to play music for the people in a career that began in 1974 in what appeared to happenstance. Of course, I am now certain more than a few of those people who have come to know me over the years, or through my writings and expressions, realize; I just do not believe in accidents anymore.


    Given that thought, while the trials and tribulations over the years have led me to this point in time ... I've still been the one whose made the decisions in a world that seems to be nothing but a swamp filled with vicious creatures out to 'Skin' you. And while it's happened to me over the years, it's been a great learning experience when I began my foray into the legal / judicial system ... that's also been running parallel to a manner of doing business. And after watching yet another great business idea presented to WTVT-13 in Tampa Florida, flourish into a show called Extreme Home Makeover to the last three years of motions, pleadings, court appearances in the 18th District Court and the 10th Circuit Federal Court over the nation's fraudulent mortgage fraud that began swallowing the country's people by the millions ... because of the greed of those Corporate bankers who are complicit with our government administration.

    So yes, undoubtedly I have been left with such a bad taste in my mouth for a system that I have seen up close that; it now bears no resemblance to the way of LIFE that I, and I'm sure you ... remember ... including what 'We' thought the world was like ... including those precious memories of a generation of Rock and Roll that seemed almost like those days of John F. Kennedy and 'Camelot' when the music carried the feeling of that generation ... even though the world was on the brink of nuclear annihilation.


    Remembering, Sonny and Cher's ... 'The Beat Goes On,' to Dean Martin's 'Everybody Loves Somebody,' Roy Orbison's 'Oh Pretty Woman,' to the shifting decades of music as it kept pace with the ebb and flow of the social mainstream tide where it has affected everyone 'All Over the World' - Electric Light Orchestra leaving most of us up against Pink Floyd's ... 'The Wall.'


    Don't get me wrong ... I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING and have not thought of anything but the 'Solution:' succeeding in the goal of becoming a publishing entity that again, in 'My Point of View' is all inclusive from every aspect of the world that we live in. And no, while I am not concentrating on the problem, only the 'Solution' in working on this company, so many of our country's population are focused more on the nation's politics that; it's becoming harder to concentrate on the simpler things in LIFE ... like getting back to being the 'Mom and Pop' stores or the middle class which is what the Government and Corporate America are working to swallow up ... or a better word ... Enslave.


    For those paying attention; It is now evident the geopolitical climate is rapidly enveloping the very essence of 'Our' souls, which for most of us (Those between the years of 1946 through 1964) were once ... the greatest generation in the history of this planet, that is now: forcing 'It' into a long and steady decline, unless ... we can 'Turn this Ship Around' by getting back to that 'Revolution' - The Beatles.


    In summary, from the experiences that I've encountered, the research that I've adopted not only from a scientific but a biblical view ... the simplicity of it all states as it has for thousands of years ...the GOLDEN RULE - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" only leaves me with a 'Subjective and Fixed State of Mind' as written by NEVILLE in 'Resurrection' ... "The undisciplined man ... constantly sees opposition to the fulfillment of his desire ... " While "The wise and disciplined man sees no barrier to the realization of his desire; ... "


    If 'WE the PEOPLE' ... in being the 'Free Spirits' that we are ... can return to being unafraid to step up, out and back to creating that same 'Time and Space' ... from a Democratic togetherness forged when the world faced an Evil race of people in the thirties to mid 40's ... to the Republican forward progression of a superior quality of a lifestyle that maintained a dedication to the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America ... then, there's no doubt that people like me, will have a chance in seeing the Dream of America's Coast to Coast Entertainment Network being able to 'Hang Onto' a former cultural mainstream that will flow and transition very easily into the NEW Cultural Mainstream that will carry that same feeling of 'Self Expression' ... Classic Rock and Roll, Country, Blues, Jazz, Big Band, Pop, Oldies, Easy Listening and just plain good old "Music for the Ages" past and present on JST KLSX


    I hear and see only the thing that makes the most sense to me. I LOVE being on the radio talking to people, and delivering the feelings and opinions that I believe are the 'Top of Mind Awareness' (T.O.M.A.) issues that govern the world we are currently living.


    I know the work that I have put forward with a comprehensive business plan for this company and format for the future will have to play by the rules, and ... will definitely have to render those things unto 'Caesar' ... but rendering unto GOD ... GOD'S plan for Heaven on Earth.


    While the memories of our LIFE and times are eminent because of the physical 'Time Limit' ... those memories do not escape the metaphysical 'Dimensions of Time and Space' ... and as always "I do look forward to a greater future that will bring about a wonderful company employing the same passions and creativity of those who are not only involved ... but are the recipients of its ideologies and concepts in LIFE."


    I have installed the new platform for the SOCIAL NETWORK and you can become involved by following this link; --- but keep in mind as I have tried to convey; we need the help, expertise and resources of those who do want to make a commitment to being involved, but it's up to you. You can own a piece of the world ... or you can be owned by a piece of the world. I don't think I can make it any simpler than putting it just like that: ... "in order to get somewhere ... don't count on others as much as counting on yourself with the help of others."


    "Yes, the plate is full!" ... but, It's called faith and trust.


    CAUTION: Having an opinion in this present day world can be as consciously benign as subconsciously malignant ... or vice versa ... depending of course; on the character of the person you're dealing with .... in this world.


    Mason Ramsey

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