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    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    When my cousin politely reminds me every so often, when we talk; "Mason, you've got to remember, you were hit very hard on the head when you were nine ... and it's altered your thinking ever since" ... only gives me more inspiration.

    Given that I have been somewhat distracted by the world around me, over the last several years has only heightened the experiences ... giving me pause to think that: maybe, just maybe ... I am someone who does think differently than those around me, not just because I was 'Hit on the Head.' Yet, for the LIFE of me, I have never once thought I was any smarter than others ... just extremely ambitious with a strong desire to succeed, based solely on those experiences beginning so long ago.

    Of course I want to gauge my thoughts against the ones swirling around me, when they present themselves, much like I have been doing throughout my LIFE, only ... the 'Thought Processes' didn't really start 'Kicking In' until the early eighties.

    I know from the LIFE I have lived, that: it seemed perfectly normal, even though I did live through that traumatic event that nearly killed me in July 1966 when I not only hit my head but nearly had it severed.

    Afterward at eleven years old, I became a Boy Scout in the Asian Island of Okinawa and hiked fifty miles in three days with a Troupe of Scouts and a company of Marines, camping out, roughing it ... learning from the 'Men' but ... still just as 'Naive' as they come. All in all, it was something that my father knew would be good for me, just as much as when he put me on a farm for a couple of days in the Midwest two years later when we were stationed at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

    Getting up before the crack of dawn, slopping the hogs, stacking hay in the barn, feeding the animals and watching as the farmer's wife grabbed a chicken easily loping off its head ... letting is loose to briefly 'Flop About,' immediately dropping it into a boiling pot of water, de-feathering it and later frying it up for dinner.

    In general becoming an 'Air Force' farm boy was something a father thought would best serve his son's interest ... if his son were in fact: enrolled in the 'F.F.A' (Future Farmer's of America) as a freshman in Mascoutah High School, where; 'Donkey Basketball Games' were the rage on a Friday Night, although not ever considering on the outside of it all ... the steady relationship of farm kids who detested the military influence, much less becoming one of them.

    Meanwhile it was an ill tempered school bus driver named Emil with Ectodermal Dysplasia who was just as angry and short tempered as being near sighted and constantly beeping the school bus horn ... waiting on the 'Air Force Brats' ... who weren't as disciplined for being timely and patiently waiting for him ... even when the 'Bus Stop' was directly in the front of the house.

    Overall, the experiences that keep coming back to me, are the ones that keep me moving along believing; there's something that has to be a connecting 'Thread' which is slowly tying everything together. The fact that I found myself running a radio station, all these years later ... only because I have been unable to maintain any job in the current economy hasn't really deterred me, knowing that; if it hadn't been for the 'Legal Training' that I've been receiving for the last several years ... has had anything or something to do with the overall sum of it all ... I may have decided to become a lawyer of politician, if only: I were not just smart enough ... but disciplined enough, but instead ... believing foolishly enough in doing something that I really love doing.

    Instead, the 'Learning' and 'Awakening' continues ... as I persist in believing that; with all that I've done in preparation should have netted a company that should have long been 'Off the Ground and Running' instead of 'Floundering Along' because I haven't been as 'Awake' to the 'Real World' as I should have been ... given all of the experiences to date.

    It was just another couple of years, when I was flying into the 'Alaskan Bush' with my father with yet another military officer Dan Johnson while on a hunting and fishing trip who said in the freezing weather, "Damn it Mason, pick up your feet and walk like a man!" It's been a statement that's reverberated through my mind for all those years as a boy not even fifteen years old, who wasn't paying attention while sloughing along in a parka, wearing muck lucks and carrying a 30.06 rifle ... not to mention the following line, "Besides you're scaring away everything!"

    It seems that because I have been 'Sloughing Along' and 'Dicking Around' with the 'System' over legal issues regarding the Constitutional Civil Rights of Americans because of the LIFE I fawned over as a child, pre-teen, teenager and young adult has risen up to bite me in the ass ... and I do miss it so. That LIFE was called the Righteousness of Good versus Evil, and the Good was always going to be the winner. I cannot stop thinking that way ... even in the face of loosing my home over the illegality of fraud that began sweeping this nation in 2008, and subsequently put in the fight to 'Maintain' a LIFE ... that an oppressive regime of bankers and government crooks working to steal our 'Generational' way of LIFE out from under ... not only me, but you ... is consistently on the march forward.

    Those days involving 'My Favorite Martian,' 'The Rolling Stones,' 'The Beverly Hill Billy's,' 'The Beatles,' Bewitched,' 'F-Troop,' the 'Dagwood and Blondie' and 'Charlie Chan' movies, 'Bugs Bunny,' Roy Orbison,' 'Dean Martin,' 'Laugh In' and the memories of a childhood that's been evaporating in my LIFE only makes me want to 'Dig In' even more so ... in holding onto 'That Very Way of LIFE.'

    Why? Because ... "I hit my head" ... and was raised to believe that: this is America and I can be the man I want to be ... and should have every right to do what it is ... that I am good at, and what it is that I love ... even as I am finding out ... 'This World is NOT what I thought it was' when I was growing up ... and neither did my parents ... much less the other adults who were there guiding me along the way. As I've been growing up around it ... only to see it changing before my very eyes, and finding out ... not everyone is noticing.

    I have come to find something totally different in my struggles to maintain a LIFE in this current main stream economy ... and it is still something that I foresee as being 'Doable' even as the world seems to be falling apart.

    We have a signal back, although I still have a great deal more to do in re-connecting the automation system, programming which includes the new networking platform. And while we've put up the new SOCIAL NETWORKING PLATFORM --- http://www.RockandRollHeaven.net/se ... I want to see the world that I grew up in ... and begin returning to those days. It seems to be something as plausible ... if 'We' set our minds to that course.

    You can help by joining and becoming a part. It's that important. I have done such a tremendous amount of work that can not be over looked, and the 'Right People' are eventually going to see what we're doing and become as involved. I LOVE MUSIC, Entertainment and the WORLD that I knew growing up in ... and I cannot let go of it.

    If you or someone you know, can help in taking what we have put together to date ... with all of the business plans, ideology, concepts and dreams ... and you can help me make it so ... it will be something that will be more than a black and white world ... it will become the glorious and colorful world of Oz.

    Perhaps you can call me Dorothy, but I've been playing the parts of 'The Scarecrow,' 'Tin Man,' and 'The Cowardly Lion' much less 'The Professor' ... all the while pulling the levers behind the curtain.

    Mason Ramsey

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