We have 57 current members.  Let's call ourselves the Heinz 57, for the moment, for fun.  How do you think Heinz and Heinz 57 has remained such a well-known success, for so many years?  The answer is the company is active.  It advertises itself, promotes itself in a variety of ways, and maintains customer contact.  This is true of any company, whether Heinz, Facebook,, or DEPENDS.  As a member, you are a REPRESENTATIVE of



    Starting small, we have honest limitations, which most companies begin with.  Never doubt that we are a company, a business, as well as, a recreation.  We can't go Big Time just yet.  There are things that are necessities and it is possible for you to participate in fulfilling these necessities.  You can recruit new members to the site, members can get together to create polls, members can make thoughtful posts to the forum, members can write blogposts, members can meet in chat; which, given our small numbers, is primarily on weekends.  What members can't do, is sit and wait for someone else to do something.  The site needs to look alive and active, full of fun people and fun things.  Members are not accomplishing this to date.  Too many are waiting for someone else to do something.  Heinz, Wrigley, Facebook, EVEN DEPENDS, would soon be out of business, by waiting for someone else to do something..  It may be time for Mason or an appointed person to invite / insist, missing members "get active."  Volunteer to participate in SOMETHING!  Do you have a Rock n' Roll or Country recipe or a recipe for curing the Blues, ladiesGentlemen, surely you have a music story you can tell.  MollyB is doing a good job with "Music Facts."  Shouldn't there be a prominent place on the site, like a, This Day In Music History to click on or immediately see, when you come to the site, rather than have to hunt it down in fine print?



    At this early stage, it is imperative that members be active members.  We must kickstart each other into site activismInertia is hard to overcome, so someone, with a kind, friendly, disposition needs to take charge of e-mailing inactive members, to join us, and get active.  We members must grow membership and create an active, fun-loving environment,long before this site launches officially.  I'm not seeing this so far.  A handful of people are active.  We need 57 Active Members, as we add members and grow this site.  That's my opinion.  How about it?  What do you think?

    NOTE:  If all goes according to plan, I have eye surgery Feb. 24 and may be missing for a month or longer.  Health is an issue we can't ignore.  Still, when healthy, we need to be active, if we are going to have the Social Music Network, we all hope for.