Bluegrass Music Heritage




    Coming to you, once again, through the auspices, of The Mighty Mighty Man, MASON RAMSEY and his Social Media website.  Allow me to share a little of my Musical Heritage, with you. 







    What led me to write about music; for I can’t play, sing, or dance?   Answer, my Musical Heritage.  Ever hear of Bill Monroe?  Sure you have.  He’s known as “The Father of Bluegrass Music.”  Bill, Charley, and Birch Monroe, helped found Bluegrass MusicBirch, a fiddle player, is less well-known, outside Bluegrass circles.  He was a well-respected fiddle player and gospel inspiration. 


    These famous brothers were born in Ohio County, Kentucky.  To be more specific, Rosine, Kentucky.  I was born in Ohio County, Kentucky too!  Your Musical Heritage can’t start much better than that.  Here’s more about the Barn Dance Days, that long preceded my birth.









    I am told, but can’t prove, in the early days, my grandfather sometimes drove the Monroe brothers, to local concerts, in the Ohio County, Kentucky area.  This was before they were nationally famous, of course.  My grandfather knew the Monroe family.  I’ve learned both sides of my family tree, knew the famous Monroe brothers.



    Growing up, I heard several Monroe brothers’ stories.  I failed to keep written notes or mental notes of these stories.  It wasn’t Rock n’ Roll to me.  Ah, the ignorance of youth.



    A saving grace, I met Birch Monroe once.  As I arrived for a visit at my grandparents, Birch Monroe chose to end his visit, with my grandfather.  A brief introduction took place before his departure.  Funny, he looked like any farmer in the area; not a music legend, from a legendary music family.  I’m lucky to remember this brief meeting and introduction; the only Monroe brother, I recall meeting.








    All this said, did Bluegrass become my favorite music?  Was a Bluegrass song the first I found notable in my life?  The answer to both is, no.  I grew up a Rock fan, with a strong dose of Country added, with lots picking and grinning, at family get-togethers.  Oddly, the song Davy Crockett, played on a hand-cranked RCA Victrola, owned by our landlord, became my first, Simply Irristible song, at age 2 or 3.


    That  led my life journey, to, JST KLSX, and Mason Ramsey.  I must run off now, got a little cataract surgery coming up.  Why don’t you pull up a chair, sign-in, and listen to JST KLSX.  Right soon, Mason Ramsey will be back with, Rock n’ Roll music; then the good times will roll!  See you soon!

  • Mason Ramsey
    Mason Ramsey And I LOVE the Bluegrass MUSIC too!
    November 15, 2013
  • Karen Brashes
    Karen Brashes That's funny what you said about Davy Crockett. My Aunt's house was 3 miles away from his 1 room shack. Now a monument, still messy, in my eyes. That's probably THE first sing I remember...because of that...and my older bubba ran around in that coon-skin hat!
    September 24, 2014