Friends, this is a test post, but more than a test post.  This is my introduction to what you can expect to hear on JST KLSX RockandRollHeaven.net, when you choose to tune in with us.  This is based on my own experience over the past year or two and some of my personal requests.  Requests I thought Mason Ramsey could never fill, but DID!







    In 1968 a young man out of Texas moved to Nashville.  He did well singing in the family band back in Texas, but he wanted something more.  His name, John Wesley Ryles the 3rd., shortened to John Wesley Ryles, over the years.  John was 18 years old when he recorded his biggest hit.  John ran across a song written by a man named Hank MillsHank's real name is Samuel Garrett, a famous songwriter in Nashville.  The two came together on a song called, Kay, which John Wesley Ryles sang, like he lived every word of the song, although only 18 years old.


    Today, John Wesley Ryles lives in or near Nashville, where he does backing vocals for many of the biggest names in Country Music.  Hank Mills, born April 9, 1936, sadly left us on November 11, 2005.  If you remember Dean Martin singing, Little Ole Wine Drinker Me, that was another song written by Hank Mills.  Personally, I like it by actor Robert Mitchem, even better.


    I asked Mason Ramsey one night to find and play Kay by John Wesley Ryles for me, thinking he couldn't.  For the first time in over 40 years, through internet radio, I heard Kay again, on the radio.  Thank you, Mason Ramsey!  See the links befow to learn a little more about Hank Mills and John Wesley Ryles.







    (Link to YouTube video, if video fails to appear.)









    Another rare and unusual song to hear on the radio today, even on Oldies radio, is a song by Four Jacks and A Jill.  I believe this is also from 1968.  The song is called, Master JackPeople have debated the meaning of this song for years.  The band is out of Africa; the song, a Folk song.  Or that's the category the song found itself placed in, over the years.  To me, it's a haunting little song of mystery, with a lot of truth about life in it.  In a quick search, I was unable to locate the songwriter, for this song.


    Thinking again, that Mason Ramsey couldn't possibly have this long lost song, I requested Master JackMuch to my surprise and delight, he was soon playing the song for me.  These two songs have been well-received by other listeners, as well.  At the link below, you can learn about Four Jacks and a Jill, plus click through to their website.






    (Once more, if the YouTube video fails to appear, this is the link to the song.)








    I chose two easy on the ear songs for you.  My preference leans toward Rockabilly, but I like all kinds of music.  If you would like to read more of my thoughts on music, check out my music blog link.  I can't wait to hear Mason Ramsey back on the air, on JST KLSX internet radio, surprising us, by finding our requests, long forgotten by mainstream Oldies radio.  You will hear old music, new music, and music you've never heard before.  Your ears will think you are in a music candy store or ear-candy store, as I call it.  Thanks for reading.  Thank you Mason for allowing me to post here.


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