Dear Diary 03.15/2006

  • The following letter was found on the Internet on 03.15/2006

    and written by an anonymous person, who appears to be female.


    Dear Diary;


    Well I have survived another week, it was a very hard exhausting one but I did it! Knowing that Jukebox Saturday Night was waiting … was enough to get me thru it. 


    Just knowing that I will get to listen to Mason and Jack-baby makes me smile wondering what Jack-baby will say to Mason and who will get a big sloppy kiss too.  Oh if only it would be me, I think I would just die ... Jack is so kewl, and there's no way he would choose ME but maybe one day ... I can always dream.  And Mason is the dreamiest; his voice just sends shivers down my spine.  I know he would play my favorite songs if I could only get up enough nerve to ask him.  But what if he didn't? Well diary, I guess it wouldn't matter because I like EVERYTHING he plays ... he's so swell. 


    Mason is always so nice to everyone who calls in but … I would just DIE if he answered the phone ... “Oh my gosh! What would I say? What song would I ask for?”


    I would probably just get so nervous and, he would hang up thinking it was a crank call, but to hear him talk to me...that would be so awesome. 


    Mason is so amazing he could be a great leader of his own tribe...and maybe I could be part … someone small and insignificant, kinda like an elf or something like that ... but to be a part of it cool would that be?  


    Well diary I have to go do some work I brought home so that tonight I can listen to my favorite radio show.  You know diary, Mason is kinda like a reality TV show, but on the radio.  Now that is a show I would watch. 


    Good night diary!