The Independent Artists

  • We have had the pleasure of playing more than a few talented artist on JST KLSX that we feel are exemplary in the kind of music that we have enjoyed on in our quest to bring not only the great music from the past, but the very creative music of the future. Here are just a few of those artist ... as we compile our list. 

    1. Henry Gross
    2. Rick Derringer
    3. Tommy James
    4. Larry Chance
    5. Marshall Lytle
    6. ‘Diamond’ Dave Somerville
    7. Buckinghams, The – Carl Giamaresse
    8. James Marvell
    9. Wily Bo Walker
    10. Bill Mumy
    11. Butch Patrick
    12. Dr. Elmo
    13. Charlie Souza
    14. Peter Lacey
    15. Michael Riser
    16. Karena K.
    17. Mike Clifford
    18. Rich Spina
    19. Billy Sullivan
    20. Vance Brescia
    21. Bobby Hart
    22. Ron Foos
    23. Brandon Rockx
    24. Sal Ventura – Dr. Zoot
    25. Mike Musick
    26. Josh Hand
    27. Mike Miller
    28. Ron Romero
    29. Aaron English
    30. Robert Wuagneux
    31. All Purpose Blues Band, The
    32. Bob Abrams
    33. Michael Bruccoleri
    34. Little Anthony & the Imperials
    35. The Coasters
    36. Sean McCleod
    37. Barry Hawke
    38. Steve Law Band, The
    39. Joel Gibson
    40. Dennis Tufano
    41. Nick Grafenitits
    42. Tom Moran
    43. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

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