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    It's one thirty in the morning, as I go about what I normally am doing: working on my laptop adding, deleting files, writing and working to keep myself busy with those things dealing with the conception of this radio station work ... and dreaming of getting JST KLSX back on the 'Air' and of course our getting those web sites operational like normal businesses. (That in itself is aggravating as you all know)


    While it's not unusual for the phones to be ringing at all hours of the day, this morning I could hear them in the distance as they seemed to go from line one to line two and back again ... giving me the feeling; 'Hmmm, I wonder if someone is trying to get my attention?'


    I believe most people who have been following our progress over the years, and who have come to know my habits, realize; 'Mason is up at this hour ... I'd bet my LIFE on it!'


    Sure enough, as soon as I get to the phones, they stop ringing. Picking up the receiver and running through the callers, I could see the calls were coming from the Chicago area. After looking at the stats over the years, for some reason ... this station has a large audience from the Chicago area, so I felt that it must have been someone who was calling trying to figure out why they weren't being able to hear the 'Stream' ... only was surprised to hear the voice of Paul McVay, the owner and operator of http://www.DriveInoftheDamned.com who immediately began apologizing; "Mason, brother I'm sorry to call you this early in the morning, and told my wife that I just had to call, because I am so fired up over your last post on Face Book."


    "Paul, it's okay I don't mind at all, in fact I'm glad that you've called since I haven't spoken to you in the last couple of years" I said almost quizzically ... "What's going on?"


    There was no doubt about it ... Paul was audibly excited, speaking to me while justifying the call to his wife who he mentioned was halfway sleeping with eyes closed and ears open, "See Hon, I told you Mason would be up" turning his voice away from the receiver.


    Immediately Paul threw himself into the conversation enthusiastically; "Mason, Brother ... we've got to get you back on the air ... and I just don't know what that's going to take ... tell me!"


    Paul had read the latest post on my Face Book page, the group and the personal page about 'having the web sites finally being transferred to our new host, and finally being able to get the new Social Engine platform installed.' It was one of those comments where I try to keep people updated on the progress of what's going on. And as most people know; we've had a lot going on and more than a few ups and downs over the years from various detractors ranging from; the most recent computer crash of our entire network, to the problems associated with the streaming / Internet provider keeping us 'connected' ... to the biggest distraction of all: me, dealing with the loss of our home and studios due to the 'Illegal' foreclosure that ripped us a new one ... and kept me busy being a pro se attorney while also juggling the duties of a programmer, writer, producer, graphic arts designer as much as the man marketing and promoting the dream of bliss, that I just could not let go. It was one of the main reasons why we went from having 'Live Microphones' and being able to answer the phones on the air ... to only being able to program music and pre - produced elements. But we were able to at least maintain a connection on the social aspect on a certain level with those people who loved JST KLSX by chatting with them, and playing their requests during Saturday and Sunday Night programs, while still streaming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Given the connection problems)


    After Paul had read the latest post it had obviously touched a nerve with him as he frustratingly exclaimed; "Mason, you've been off the air for too long, but people are still there waiting for you to flip the switch! You have more than a thousand people on the group page on Face Book ... but I don't see people donating even a dollar to help ... and I think that's just absurd, and I want to know ... why?" 

    Opening my mouth to respond, I didn't get a chance, when he launched into the plausible solution, "If people would only realize that if everyone would donate just one dollar a piece each month ... this problem would be solved."

    I already know the numbers after doing the cost projections and reached that conclusion more than several years ago, and wanted to try and explain to Paul that we did have a few people who have 'Donated' money over time, including himself ... but he was still so hyped up that he was wanting to get it off of his chest, and hoping for an answer ... "Right Here ... Right Now!"

    "I just don't understand ... what is it that people who are following http://www.RockandRollHeaven.net don't understand that I have already realized in knowing that; your station has something going for it that is not what America is hearing today."

    Paul was on a roll and just cramming words into sentences as fast as it flowed from his head, "Mason, when you were on the air, I would have your station on ... while I was programming my own station for Drive in of the Damned and it was just like no other radio station that I've ever heard. You have an ability of not only being able to answer the phone and speak to people, but in playing their request in a manner that made sense ... going from a song in one genre to a completely different song in another genre ... that totally clicked ... while putting those people on the air and making it so interesting that before a person realized it: they'd be listening to a radio station for five hours at a time! That's unheard of!"


    "That's very kind of you Paul, I Really Love Music, and I Love the Dream!" There's something about having on those headphones and becoming a part of that 'Vibrational Frequency' especially when you're in a studio and connecting with other people. It's almost as if I could reach out and 'Light them Up' and see / feel them being charged with that energy.


    I don't know what else to tell people, except that: I do very much see something wonderful happening as much as hearing it as well, that: would make for good business sense for any company much less my own company ... that I've been wanting to come to fruition within a month of 2006 when I left terrestrial satellite radio. 

    Although, what most people do not grasp is this; that while the music is a core facet of my dream, it all wraps around the other elements of the world that we currently live in ... and that in itself may be one of the problems. And to me ... it's all connected to the publishing of audio, video and through the writing of articles and editorials surrounded by the mainstream of the current world events that we are experiencing everyday and through those events that connect us all.


    Paul wanted to jump back in while I was conveying my thoughts, but I held my ground; "Paul, I know what it takes and I know why those people aren't as inclined to donate, as opposed to those few like yourself who have... and that's because; They're wrapped up in their daily lives and even though they may enjoy what we're doing ... it's not in the forefront of their minds, mainly because they're trying to keep up with their own economic woes. I understand that totally. The people like those few who have thought about us and have donated ... are more mindful in their thoughts because they are also more inclined to be as passionate about the music, while the others it remains 'Superfluous' ... it's not their business, and therefore do not see why it would concern them if they're simply ... persons on the outside looking in, and not taking an interest from the inside."

    Paul asked, "So Mason what's it going to take? I really want to pick your brain. I think you have to get back on the air, because you make the station, and this country needs people like you who have that kind of personality and 30 (Thirty) plus years of experience who can offer programming and content in your manner and style. For crying out loud, I listened to your station more than my own, and have directed people many times to tune into JST KLSX because I believe it's that good."


    The continued compliments of Paul McVay who referred to me in the conversation as being 'His Mentor' on more than one occasion is more than humbling as I listened to his tales of being in Internet radio for more than elven years ... surpassing my own time on the internet ... so I know that he understands and knows what it takes. I can hear Paul's frustration for me ... realizing that he really does believe as I do and that: I do have something that would 'Sweep' not only the nation but the world... once we got the bulls*** out of the way, and it is so obvious. But I also know that Paul doesn't know how to do what I haven't been able to do either and that is; bringing others to the table and getting them committed for some stupid reason. And the sad state is I've been told that I am a good sales person for other people, but not for me. (Never have been able to figure that one out ... because I was once told by a businessman as I tried to 'Pitch' an idea to him; "You're Blue Sky-ing me!")

    The simple reality is that, it will take the financial resources of business minded folks who will want to do so for one of two reasons; to make money ... or for the love of being involved, making it a labor of love, while holding onto the prospect of eventually making it a venture that will become a economic success.


    Make no mistake about it ... while I really love music, writing, producing and following my dream ... I have to do so at my own peril with the hope that there will be either a few business people who can take what I've done and help me get it into the mainstream, like I see other businesses doing ... or continue doing what I'm doing until I make it happen myself with those few people who also want to be involved. Or give up and become as apathetic as most of the rest of the population.


    The truth is; I cannot! I have to continue believing what I have going on will eventually become something ...whether it makes it into the cultural mainstream or not. Either I will find the business people who can not only throw money into the ring, but also to help in making the decisions as much as those who want to help ... with a donation here or there, but also wanting to help in making decisions ... to make this company a success. Either way ... those people are going to trust me ... as much as I have to trust in them in doing the right thing.

    One way or another ... we're going to have to come together, or I'm going to continue to Piecemeal the voyage, until it does pick up the steam to continue forward on its own power.

    Yes, Paul I have asked, begged and pleaded with people close to me, to take an interest ... not only for my sake, but for their own ... knowing that; with all the possibilities of starting a company that could literally make those involved insanely wealthy (at least more money than I've ever made in LIFE) ... it would be a business that we could all be proud of starting, and we did all ourselves.

    It will take all kinds Paul McVay and I appreciate the phone call, the support and the follow through from a couple of years ago ... but remember; once you step out and make decisions ... it's all on you ... just as it is on anyone.

    As I have learned and tried to live myself, convey to my own children and those around me, the responsibility for (my) your  actions will always fall at your feet and you cannot lay the blame on anyone else.

    I began this radio station because I thought that it would not only be profitable in providing talent and content in the way of programming to small, medium and perhaps a few major market radio stations ... but also because I REALLY LOVE MUSIC! The fact that I also needed a job in a career I saw fading away ... with an economy being held in the vice grip and strangle hold of a greedy corporate industry intent on controlling a populace of a loving generation that made Rock and Roll what is ... was only another motivation, since the technology is there and it can be done, easier now than in the past.

    Isn't that just the strangest thing? Although it can be done easier ... we're now faced with more people doing it ... but the fact is again simply this: those thousands of others do not have the experience and talent that it takes to produce radio like it was back in the lives of the greatest generation ever to populate this planet.

    AND, I LOVE THE DREAM! If you see the possibilities and you want to make a commitment ... well here I am and I do believe. Mark 9:23 (KJV)

    Mason Ramsey

    p.s. And in making the decisions to be on the Internet with the NEW SOCIAL Engine while working to get those web site/s under control as we return to the stream ... is something as important to me as it is to those around me. If you see it ... and want to be a part ... say something! I have grown weary of asking ... and hoping you are going to follow through. If you see the opportunity ... quit knocking on the door ... when I've repeatedly said; COME IN ALREADY!


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