To make this Social Music Network a success requires an active membership.  What is meant by active membership?  As members, we must actively recruit new members.  It is that simple.  Doing this, yields the greatest opportunity for the Social Music Network to survive and thrive.  You may recruit people using personal e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, instant messaging, or any of a wide variety of methods, including face to face requests of people you know or meet.


    Do you write for a blog, newspaper, magazine, or know someone who does, who might be willing to write about this Social Music Network?  Does your local library, college, laundromat, or other public place have a bulletin board you can post to, for free?  Post about this Social Music Network, providing the link and request people to become members.  Creating your own personal bumper sticker might be an idea, for you artistic types.


    What is needed is active members willing to grow the membership of this Social Music Network.  Word of mouth is not only the most affordable way to grow membership, it offers the best long term prospect of gaining, lasting, active members.






    Growing the membership offers the chance of finding people willing to volunteer their IT skills, sales skills, promotion and marketing skills, along with other skills necessary for making a Social Music Network successful.  If there is one thing in short supply, that can be expected to remain in short supply, it is M-O-N-E-Y.  The only way to get to the point of turning a profit, with this Social Music Network, is to grow an active membership, who volunteer their free time and skills, to build something they believe in.  We will only find these people, if current members grow the membership numbers, large enough, that such people will naturally be among our membership.  That is, we can't actively recruit IT people, for example.  We must recruit people first, then hope some are IT people.  Then, we must further hope, they are willing to donate their skills, to become active members, of the Social Music Network. 






    Members must recruit notable bands, notable singers, and new artists, into joining, as our Social Music Artists members.  When visitors see these artists are a part of our Social Music Network, visitors will feel a greater need to join.  For example, I believe, Mason Ramsey knows Diamond Dave and Henry Gross.  If they join the network as our Social Music Artists, think of the Diamonds fans and Henry Gross fans, who would be tempted to join.  Once Mason Ramsey's microphones are back on, he can interview stars, again.  Some might join us in the chatroom one night or weekend.  Possibly even answer questions posted in the Forum.   Members can announce this in advance to fans on Facebook or Twitter to create excitement and draw a crowd.  (The example is not to suggest Diamond Dave or Henry Gross will join the Social Music Network.  They are mentioned because Mason has been in contact with them in the past.)






    Mason Ramsey can not do all this alone.  It requires an active membership.  A membership filled with creative imagination.  A Social Music Network, built by its members, can and will attract advertisers, artists, and members.  This can be done.  Yes, it's a crazy idea.  However, I find this idea less crazy than the idea of modern radio stations, who have declared fans of music of the past and the music itself, dead and gone.  This is the chance for those of us, who know, we and our music, still live; to stick it in the ear of corporate radio. 


    Let them hear us loud and clear, in stereo!  We can declare we are far from dead, our music lives beyond us, and "we ain't gonna take it, anymore!"  It's up to you, become an active membertoday or allow yourself to be buried, long before you're dead.  Let us begin today, to organize.  Some of us are not in the best of health.  Many have family to take care of or grandchildren to attend to.  Let's not allow that to stop us.  Even a few hours a week, as active memberswill get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.  My call to you, to active membership, is where I start, in the New Year of 2014.  Join me, comment, let's chat about it.  Most of all, let's Get Happy and Get ActiveMason Ramsey can't do it ALONE.


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    ADMIN ONE Frog Prince --- I don't think it could have been said even better --- it gives me great pleasure to see something like this. Now to get Rich Spina, Henry Gross, Diamond Dave and the other artist like Rick Derringer, Billy Sullivan, Felix Cavaliere, Bobby ...  more
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    im Su sigh .. wish I had written this
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